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“We knew we could provide expertise and bottom-line value to our customers, but we were having problems initiating and closing sales.

The Sales Outsourcing Pros team reduced our sales cycle time by 40%. In the first 90 days we closed three major new deals, doubled the pipeline, and went from almost zero in revenue to $26 Million in new top line revenue and to over $200 Million in year two.

The world class sales processes and great people are the reason.“

Ken JohnsonSenior Vice President - Newgistics, Inc.Newgisitcs

We help Accelerate your Go-To-Market

Bring a new product or service to market Faster with more Predictable growth.

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How We Build Value for Our Clients

A Collaborative and Teaming Approach with subject matter experts, world-class process and resources to accelerate go-to-market and greater top-line growth.

Top-Line Insights

A rapid, quantitative, and qualitative approach to focus the right people, processes, and resources in creating more predictable, faster, predictable, and sustainable revenue growth. This fast, unobtrusive service will deliver a 10X or greater return on your sales and marketing investments in the first year. Some of the business benefits include the following:

  • Reduce risk by making faster and better growth decisions
  • Optimize the mix of people, process and resources
  • Operate more efficiently, profitably and within budget

Outsourced Services

Clients team with us to outsource all or a significant part of their Sales and Marketing team (Revenue Engine), co-source specific services to complement their existing teams, and provide the “just-right” people, processes and resources with industry subject matter experts to optimize your budget and speed to market. Some of the business benefits include the following:

  • Access to cost-effective, industry specific subject matter expertise
  • Ability to scale resources up and down as needed
  • Reduce administrative and HR costs

Performance Management

Performance management, coaching, mentoring and interim leadership to ensure the outsourced services are performing well against growth goals and budget. Most clients experience a 75% or greater improvement in their core revenue drivers in the first 6 months. Some of the business benefits include the following:

  • Improved Sales & Marketing performance with meaningful Metrics & Measurement
  • Access to proven and more cost-effective Interim Leadership
  • Increased Revenue, Predictability, and Accountability

How we have helped some of our Clients

Technology – Professional Services – Manufacturing – Private Equity – Education and more…

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The Benefits of Outsourcing for Your Business

We want your business to make more money, generate additional sales, and build a following of loyal customers and referrals. We go aafter these goals by rapidly improving existing sales efforts and strategies, and very often implementing a much lower cost, outsourced sales team. Consider the benefits of an outsourced sales team…

Cost Effective Sales Specialists

If all of your employees work in-house and full-time, your salary and benefit obligations are comparatively massive. For smaller businesses or those operating on tight margins, a sales outsourcing solution may be the only viable option to growing your business. When you make the decision to move your sales team out of house, you can hire at a fraction of the cost, paying lower hourly rates, and with lower overall risk to your business.

Extending Your Hours of Availability

Depending upon the type of company that you have, fairly restrictive work hours might be in play. Employees want to go home to be with their families at night, but when you outsource, you can extend those hours. Outsourcing your sales to people in different time zones or even other countries means your business will be operating later and longer than it could otherwise. The more hours that you are open to the public, the more of a chance you have to bring in additional sales that generate profits for your business.

Growing Your Sales Audience

Whether you are outsourcing your sales in other parts of the country or are taking your business to an international level, you have the chance to develop stronger relationships with an entirely new audience. By bringing your products to additional markets, you can start to build a client base in that area and to analyze the target audience there. You may even find that your products or services are better suited for that particular atmosphere. As you start to explore these options, you may find new platforms of promoting your product or service and drawing in new market segments.

Marketing to New Language Markets

Perhaps you have already started to think about how you can increase the influence that your company has at a national or international level. When you don’t speak the language, this goal is a challenging pursuit. We have outsources sales teams around the globe, and we specialize in finding top talent, whether English-speaking, or bilingual in Spanish or another language in your target marker. We can even recruit for a certain dialect. If you’re a a company that deals with southern companies, the response to a lead generation efforts with a similar language pattern can be hugely effective.  And the language of a land is intrinsically tied to its culture, norms, and traditions. Hiring people with this intrinsic knowledge helps you to extend your influence as a company with a global presence.

Hiring More Employees

When it comes to your sales team, you want to have a strong group of people who are able to reach goals and to drive more success for you company. It costs less to hire an outsourced sales team, so you can bring hire on more talent. Our recruiters will bring on sales specialists to set appointments and generate leads, which massively increases your outbound sales volume.

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