Only 1 Out of 10 Companies Are High-Performing

Why is our investment not a High-Performing Company
What is the right Mix of People, Process and Resource
How Much is it going to Cost to Improve the Top-Line

Top-Line Insights Rapidly Improves Top-Line Performance

Investors, Owners and the Management Team will reduce risks with the optimal go-to-market approach


Faster and Better Decisions


The Top-Line Insights Scorecard is a quantitative analysis of 10 core revenue drivers and 30+ related revenue accelerators to help management rapidly assess and validate overall top-line performance.


The Right Mix of Resources


The Top-Line Insights Roadmap “maps out” the optimal mix of people, process and resources needed for the marketing, communications, sales, distribution and the services functions.

growth plan

Implementation Priorities

Growth Plan

The Top-Line Insights Implementation Plan is a 12-month project plan the outlines the key milestones, tasks, priorities and resources needed to implement the roadmap for immediate and improved performance.


Align Costs with Priorities


The Top-Line Insights Budget is the incremental costs associated with the project plan to fuel the growth and performance improvements in the near term.

Score My Top-Line Performance

Not a Science Project – but lots of science in minutes

Andrew Rauch, Co-Founder and CEO provides a 2 minute snapshot for how the Top-Line Scorecard is helping owners and their management team assess, score and provide rapid insights for the 10 core revenue drivers and 30+ related accelerators that drive high top-line revenue performance.

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