“We knew we could ‘move the needle’ to capture more profitable customers but we were stuck with an inefficient sales process, competitive position and approach to the changing market economics.

Since relocating our business to Round Rock,  we continued to experience less than stellar sales performance. We sought out a sales advisory firm and brought in Sales Overdrive to help us figure out how to move our business and entire team to the next level.

Sales Overdrive brought focus to our sales process, messaging, positioning and teaming that has resulted in an immediate and sustained impact for our business. In the first 60 days, we closed our biggest and most profitable deal, and through coaching, Sales Overdrive helped us turn a potential new client loss into our 2nd biggest business deal. Using Sales Overdrive’s world class sales coaching and mentoring, we have moved and positioned AccuBuild to grow more profitably and much faster.”

Josh Stearns
Josh StearnsPresidentAccuBuild


AccuBuild is in a competitive space and trying to break away from the competition while growing top-line revenue without taking additional investment capital. The executive team wanted to leverage their many customer wins, excellent reputation and talented professional team to capture more market with an improved sales and marketing process and team.


The sales team was “stuck” using a common lead generation and selling approach in software technology which was a “show and tell demo.”  The majority of AccuBuild’s prospects were technical in nature without any buying authority but with considerable influence on the decision process. The average decision time frame for new clients had grown to more than 100 days to make a purchase for an expenditure that was strategic for the client’s business process and presented a relatively small expense in relation to the overall budget. The sales team wanted to move the conversation from technical to business alignment, reduce the selling time, improve the sales process and capture more profitable customers.


The partners met with the AccuBuild principals in September, 2011 to assess the mission, business priorities and strategy to jumpstart sales and accelerate market share capture in a competitive business-to-business construction software market. Salesoutsourcing.pro’s Overdrive team provided the Top-Line Insights, identified and prioritized “moving the needle” for AccuBuild’s sales process, product and service superiority, messaging and positioning. Some of the observations and actionable impact included the following:

Sales Process

The sales process was dependent on providing the prospect with a technical and feature based demo which increased the sales cycle because the conversation was with prospects that wanted more information and education but could not make the final decision. We developed an approach that invited the decision maker, managers, technical and users to the table leading with a business conversation and aligning priorities for each role at the prospect. Once the business goals and individual needs and priorities were established, the AccuBuild sales process utilized their subject matter expert to deliver the “demo,” which was shorter and more aligned to the goals of the prospect and individual contributors.

Product and Service Superiority

One of the biggest challenges AccuBuild had was the total cost of customer acquisition — the executive team believed that the price was too low, the implementation cost too high  vs. the total value of the software, service and support. We developed an “up and running” program that included a customized implementation track by an industry expert in their field and on-site.  Additionally, we added the new “up and running” program to the new “demo” conversation to get buy-in from the prospect and set expectations for how the software would be installed. The result was an ability to raise the price and margins on the software, qualify prospects in or out faster and increase the favorable user experience.

Messaging and Positioning

AccuBuild like many software companies focused on the features and benefits of the software system and aligned their messaging to the IT prospect. We quickly updated the elevator pitch with a focus on changing the value statements to helping construction companies make faster and better decisions about managing their projects. More importantly, we aligned the value statements to each key role in the construction company including owners, managers, estimators, IT and staff accountants. Fine-tuning the messaging quickly, aligning the messaging to each “buying” role and adding it to the sales process allowed AccuBuild to get faster buy-in at all levels during the sales process, significantly reducing the time to win a new client while attracting better qualified, aligned and more profitable prospects for their business.