Process Development & Methodologies

As a sales outsourcing company with market-leading intellectual properties and B2B sales processes, Sales Outsourcing Pros can develop custom sales processes as well as provide sales training and a variety of support tools, helping to boost your market share and the revenue of each client much faster than standard sales processes. This repeatedly results in clients being able to acquire a higher rate of sales in a shorter period of time. After developing and deploying a dynamic, tailored sales process, we will also provide sales and management training programs to ensure continued sales success.


Dashboards & Metrics

We craft and install a set of active performance management practices and metrics to jump start revenue, shorten the sales cycle, create strategic wins, increase productivity, and reduce selling expense while focusing on high-impact activities, ensuring that the behaviors and key performance indicators are being performed and the Revenue Goal is realized.

Coaching and Consultants

Sales coaching and consulting can integrate proven sales accelerators, processes, and methods to dramatically improve the performance of your sales force and grow your market share. Tailored specifically for your unique needs, sales coaching and consulting can provide you with a customized and detailed approach to reaching and maintaining top line growth, allowing your company to witness huge returns on investment and lightning-quick revenue growth.

Interim Leadership

A highly productive revenue team and leader can be deployed on your behalf in 60 days or less. If sales and marketing is not the core competency of your business, a highly skilled and experienced sales leader is absolutely imperative for your company’s short and long-term success.