If you are an over-achiever and proudly consider yourself a top-level sales professional, you may have the skills, determination, and drive we’re looking for.

We have become an industry leader in professional sales outsourcing by treating our sales reps in the same manner we want them to treat each and every client. We appreciate the power of cultivating talent. Therefore, we spend the time and resources to invest in training, mentoring, and coaching our sales professionals, which increases their productivity, earnings, and likelihood of a promotion.


Our skilled sales professionals sell products and services provided by large, distinguished companies in a variety of industries, including logistics, business services, IT, and energy. Whether you are just beginning your sales journey or are a senior rep with an impressive track record, we can offer you a rewarding career, the training needed to excel, and the growth opportunities you need to enjoy a successful professional career.

At Sales Outsourcing Pros, you will find an array of inside sales professionals and sales managers with quite interesting and diverse backgrounds, both professionally and personally. Thanks to the unique skills each team member brings to the company, we have become one of the most successful sales outsourcing companies in North America.

Why a Career with Sales Outsourcing Pros?

Companies large and small all across the globe are outsourcing their sales needs, allowing them to slash their budgets and boost their bottom line. From payroll service companies and law firms to IT companies and everything in between, companies of every shape and size are outsourcing their sales needs to outside sales professionals with the skills and experience needed to improve sales in any industry.

Best of all, we handle all aspects of sales management. Aside from considerably slimming down their payroll, this means clients no longer have a need to pay for large sales or data centers and the equipment to fill them, reducing their operating budgets considerably.

The powerful combination of increased sales and reduced sales budgets results in tremendous opportunities for sales outsourcing professionals. With lucrative pay and an endless list of other benefits, a career in sales outsourcing is an obvious choice for today’s driven sales professionals.

Highly Compensated Sales Professionals

In general, top-tier sales professionals are highly compensated. In addition to a lucrative compensation plan designed to reward them with generous commissions for each closed sale, our sales outsourcing reps typically earn an above average base salary, providing them with multiple streams of income.

Not only do we provide our sales outsourcing professionals with an industry-leading compensation plan, but we also provide a comprehensive benefits package that includes:

  • Uncapped commissions
  • Development and training
  • Retirement plans

With uncapped earning potential, ample growth opportunities and the ability to challenge yourself each and every day, competition is fierce amongst those looking to join our fleet of talented sales outsourcing professionals. However, we provide a rewarding work environment for those that make the cut.

Why Clients, Sales, and Management Professionals Choose Us

We are a company built by sales professionals for sales professionals. We hire and manage each rep for our clients, allowing us to focus solely on sales and our clients to worry about other aspects of their business operations. We are widely considered the best of the best in the sales outsourcing industry. As innovators and specialists, we pride ourselves on cultivating the best sales talent and exceeding the expectations of each client, creating a rewarding work environment with plenty of growth opportunities.

We provide each of our skilled sales professionals with the tools, training, and resources they need to maximize their potential and reach their career goals. We use cutting-edge sales technology to boost sales performance and have industry-leading development and training programs, ensuring the success of each of our sales outsourcing professionals.

The feeling of working for a company that you can respect and supports you in return is an amazing benefit that cannot be overlooked. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Thousands of sales professionals will tell you the same thing. If you think you have what it takes to make the cut, a bright new career in sales outsourcing may be right around the corner.