Sales Outsourcing Pros is a worldwide leader in the field of contact center interaction. We offer a comprehensive and all-inclusive set of technical services. Utilizing customized support to fit our clients’ business needs and products, we help them organize and maximize their performances. With our aid, we get and keep the business running smoothly.


To function at peak performance, customers need to have access to efficient, effective and proven problem solving for any issues that could arise. With our skilled techs on the job, they will receive expert and quick responses, accessing solid solutions, enhancing individual productivity and business continuity.

Technical Support Services

In its effects to provide the best possible support to its clients, Sales Outsourcing Pros provides a broad assortment of services.

  • Delivering multilingual communications across a vast array of automated channels
  • Coordinating and managing corrective action processes
  • Providing customers with top of the line installation and service support for numerous products such as hardware, software and networking, as well support for applications, including databases, operating systems and programming environments
  • Offering rapid, effective support to clients for installation, operation and maintenance of networks, as well as the configuration of data distribution and firewalls

Sales Outsourcing Pros supports a full range of products:

  • Office and home automation, including hardware, peripherals, software and networking; company-specific professional applications
  • Electronic banking, including point-of-sale terminals and cash registers
  • Server and network support, covering diagnostics, repairs, updates, and more

Sales Outsourcing Pros also has a skilled staff ready to shore up our clients on multiple levels.

Level 1: Solutions to standard problems through proven processes
Level 2: Addressing more complex problems through guidance by telephone, problem resolution by remote control access or onsite repair
Level 3: High level support for atypical and critical cases

Sales Outsourcing Pros uses its experience, background and expertise to ensure the best possible experience. We are available 24/7 with our techs ready to deliver business-to-business and business-to-consumer solutions in any language. We provide specific services and product maintenance that will keep your business functioning above expectations. Our global footprint and commitment to client success promises to make Sales Outsourcing Pros your partner of choice.

While the staff at Sales Outsourcing Pros is keenly aware that the quality of our clients’ services and products has to be a priority, we believe that goes hand in hand with the quality of the customer experience. We look to ensure that experience is superior through advanced tech support, utilizing the best engineers to solve end-user questions. We’re ready to deal with network scoping and troubleshooting, telecommunications, providing live voice, chat and email contact channels, specialized technologies and more.


Steam is a veteran in the technical support environment. It’s familiar with the technology that customers want and need. Sales Outsourcing Pros has handled millions of technical support interactions for some of the best known and largest brands in the world. We have been consistently ranked high as a support partner. This is in large part due to Stream, using resourcefulness and ingenuity to solve complex issues for your customers.

Exceptional Call Center Tech Support

Our exceptional support includes uncovering cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for consistent and quantifiable revenue generation. We promote management escalation and predictive customer satisfaction modeling. Partnering with Sales Outsourcing Pros guarantees a boost in all customer relations, business reputation and positive impact on revenues.