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We accelerate your sales and market share

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With world class people, processes, and technology...

“We knew we could provide expertise and bottom-line value to our customers, but we were having problems initiating and closing sales.

The Sales Outsourcing Pros team reduced our sales cycle time by 40%. In the first 90 days we closed three major new deals, doubled the pipeline, and went from almost zero in revenue to $26 Million in new top line revenue and to over $200 Million in year two.

The world class sales processes and great people are the reason.“

Ken JohnsonSenior Vice President - Newgistics, Inc.Newgisitcs

We help Accelerate your Go-To-Market

Bring a new product or service to market Faster with more Predictable growth.


How We Build Value for Our Clients

A Collaborative and Teaming Approach with subject matter experts, world-class process and resources to accelerate go-to-market and greater top-line growth.

Top-Line Insights

A rapid, quantitative, and qualitative approach to focus the right people, processes, and resources in creating more predictable, faster, predictable, and sustainable revenue growth. This fast, unobtrusive service will deliver a 10X or greater return on your sales and marketing investments in the first year. Some of the business benefits include the following:

  • Reduce risk by making faster and better growth decisions
  • Optimize the mix of people, process and resources
  • Operate more efficiently, profitably and within budget

Outsourced Services

Clients team with us to outsource all or a significant part of their Sales and Marketing team (Revenue Engine), co-source specific services to complement their existing teams, and provide the “just-right” people, processes and resources with industry subject matter experts to optimize your budget and speed to market. Some of the business benefits include the following:

  • Access to cost-effective, industry specific subject matter expertise
  • Ability to scale resources up and down as needed
  • Reduce administrative and HR costs

Performance Management

Performance management, coaching, mentoring and interim leadership to ensure the outsourced services are performing well against growth goals and budget. Most clients experience a 75% or greater improvement in their core revenue drivers in the first 6 months. Some of the business benefits include the following:

  • Improved Sales & Marketing performance with meaningful Metrics & Measurement
  • Access to proven and more cost-effective Interim Leadership
  • Increased Revenue, Predictability, and Accountability

How we have helped some of our Clients

Technology – Professional Services – Manufacturing – Private Equity – Education and more…

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